Bath And Shower Combinations For The Modern Bathroom

As is the case with most new houses, planning for a new shower or for the bathroom, gets a new exciting and complex idea. But unlike a traditional bathtub the bathtub is mainly inbuilt and it is all just a water basin. Purely for functional purposes, it is supposed to be used only for the purposes listed above.This was the budget for this project. The total budget asked for that bath was 72.000 $150.000 .

This penthouse is not real, it is just a shower cabin, but a stylish, minimalist, yet sophisticated one. The 9-foot long bathroom has an outside shower cabin, a 2-person in-store steam machine, a chrome sliding wooden towel rack, and an incredible 10 feet of bath and shower storage.

The bathroom was built with dual under floor heating. sweat and dry ceilings and large windows mean that the bathroom is bright ever since it is connected to the shower cabin.

Bath And Shower Combinations For The Modern Bathroom Photo 3

The living room is equipped with a billiard table, mini bar, and an incredibleously designed sofa. Two meeting rooms were used to organize the main activity: (1) the laundry room and gym (2) the children’s room, featuring a science-themed room (3) the Japanese kamizawa at the lakes (4) the pool. This area is accessed by their own in-store bathroom.

Bath And Shower Combinations For The Modern Bathroom Photo 4

The kitchen was isolated as a sort of tasting room. In addition, due to this feature, the kitchen ties entirely with the rest of the house, making it an extremely welcoming space. Millwork walls and ceiling were erected on a painted graphite board. The white of the countertops and appliances to the kitchen were oiled to match the stainless steel appliances.”

Photos courtesy of Minacciolo

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