Weiland Sliding Doors By Einar Jarmund Erik Arkkholm

Sweden’s Einar Jarmund Erik Arkkerson designed Weiland sliding doors. A very beautiful example of the Scandinavian design. The barely there glass panels of the sliding doors create a very smooth contrast, very pleasant for the eyes and very elegant too. The panels are made and covered with tempered glass in nay size, with or without handles.The same frosted glass with blinds on the front is also available in several sizes, in both large and small versions, so that you have the opportunity to choose the one that better fits you and your home. This way each piece is unique and no two looks just one another.

This lovely and sleek sliding glass door goes smoothly and equally well, without any distinct handles or other installations and that is also nice because it uses less light weight and has better insulation. The colors of the glass or the light shades are available in common options, in matte white or deep black. You can have fun with the models and how they can all fit in your house, whether it is for the bathroom or hallway. Now you can own this elegant and modern looking door that will welcome you into the house with its calm and sweet look. You can have it for $169.

Weiland Sliding Doors By Einar Jarmund Erik Arkkholm Photo 2

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