Wallpapered Bedrooms Ideas

The bedroom is the place where we feel the need for privacy and where we spend a lot of time before we go home. However, since it’s a room full of guests we usually either spend a lot of the day or a few hours working at the desk or maybe studying on your laptop. In that case we would prefer to have a furnished bedroom. We have here some ideas about how you can make your bedroom more inviting.

There are plenty of ways in which you can make a contemporary bedroom more inviting. One idea is to opt for double-height walls and lighting and to turn it into a relaxing, private space. The rest of the décor should also be simple and neutral. Here, for example, we have a modern bedroom with a spacious closet area and all the essentials are included. The tufted leather sofa is beautifully complemented by a geometric wall unit that supports the same concept.

A spacious bedroom is often more spacious. It needs to have plenty of storage space for everything and to also have plenty of serenity, besides the bed and headboard. As for the style, that too should be determined by its details and the décor. This contemporary bedroom, for example, is minimalist and yet it looks charming and harmonious. It’s a combination of traditional and modern elements that result in an enchanting look.

If you have a bedroom large enough to also feel cozy, you can turn it into an extra bedroom. This one could be a perfect reading and relaxation space. It’s a twin-level bedroom with a cozy bed for two. The rest of the rooms are spacious and have inviting decors. The bedroom wall is covered with mirrors and tiny potted plants, a very clever idea that creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

In this case, the bedroom is serene and calm but it’s also stylish and stylish thanks to the accent elements. The area rug with colorful rope wrapping is a very nice feature that creates color contrast, helping the bedroom to feel more colorful and cheerful.

In the case of this bedroom, the colors chosen are bold and vibrant. The walls have a neutral shade of beige and there’s also a subtle contrast there created by the architectural details such as that unique rope handle that definitely have a charm.

A similar design strategy was also used for the bedroom. The white walls, the simple restraint palette and the bed and the headboard have been reduced to only the detail. All other decorative elements such as the artwork or the headboard are introduced in a very simple and chic way.

A different way of making the most of the windows and openings is through accent lighting. This is a bedroom designed by Studio Schicketanz. All the beautiful light fixtures placed throughout the room emphasize the grandeur of the décor and also keep the room bright. They also let in lots of natural light which enhances the grandeur.

Simplicity can also be a great strategy. In this bedroom by Sunset Homes, the main focus was on emptiness and the entire space is minimal and bright. The bed without an overhanging frame and the nightstands with sleek wooden bases lack any specific characteristics that defines other pieces of furniture. This is a space which can be personalized in lots of ways.

Serving as a nightstand, a mail sorter and turning this into a decoration is actually a very clever and practical idea. In this case there’s a very nicely balanced contrast between the nightstand and the wall-mounted nightstand. Moreover, it’s a really good choice for the bedroom because it blends in beautifully with all the black accents and furniture pieces.

Even though this bedroom has a very nicely balanced palette of colors, textures, finishes and colors it looks quite simple. That’s partially due to all the brick accents and the emphasis on the contrasts which leaves the center of the room open and inviting. Here you’ll also see that the nightstands have storage in unexpected places. They’re all carefully integrated into a wall decor where they serve as storage modules without being a separate feature.

The slanted ceiling creates an interesting visual effect as nothing is visible. In addition, the light feels very warm and comfortable and the crisp white accents really emphasize the relationship between the space and the natural light that enters the space. All centerpieces such as the living room pendants brighten up the room and complement the decor in tone with the white walls and breezy curtains. In total there are six bedrooms in the apartment, all designed for this project.

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