Vanity Console Table By NuvC

It is very interesting, in spite of the apparent obvious fact that these things were designed by NuvC for baskets, wardrobes or other similar items. Their name mean “installation” and you would not think that the designer creates variations of this exact thing called vanity console table. The item is very simple in design, yet amazingly practical and functional. All the features make it look spectacular and that is what joy is supposed to be.

This vanity table that NuvC designed comes in a combination of wood and steel. The two materials are strong and durable and provide the necessary features that you need in order to obtain the best result. There are two drawers, one interior and one outside that can be used to store all sorts of objects or things like plants, sofas, key, magazines, clutter or food.

The entire vanity table has a weight capacity of 50kg and each drawer measures 65×25cm. The extra knobs and ferrals are used to keep objects organized and carry it to the designated place. The neutral color palette and the combination of materials and finishes like white oak, quartz stone and tempered glass is completed by the neutral drawings and shapes on the drawers. For those who are interested , even more, the vanity table is available in other colors like black and white, chrome and the always available metallic.

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