Two Sided Bathtub By Enzo Berti

Bathtubs nowadays tend to have more and more contrasting designs, not because of their material or color, but because there just so many different combinations of styles and designs that exist. Of course, bathtubs also have features that can’t be overlooked. For example this one is part of the Two-Sided System.

The tub is designed by Enzo Berti and it’s not meant to float but to mobile and to be anchored to the wall until the user takes a load off the floor and then lets himself be touched up by the water again. The two side-hung vanities allow you to make the most of this design without necessarily raising the profile of the tub. Still, it’s not only about this dynamic and organic design.

The fact that this bathtub is attached to the floor is not something new but this fact basically brings everything together. The interior of this bathtub can also be used as a work area. The coffee-inspired freestanding tub is not actually a bathtub per se. It’s an addition to the usual shower enclosure features that always go on in the bathroom designs. It features a rim and geometric organically shaped lines.

Two Sided Bathtub By Enzo Berti Photo 3

The two side-hung vanities were very desired. They are available in two different heights and the shape adds a twist to the already intriguing design. Moreover, all the fixtures included in the collection come in different sizes, shapes and colors and you can choose the oneest one for your own bathroom.

Two Sided Bathtub By Enzo Berti Photo 4

Two Sided Bathtub By Enzo Berti Photo 5

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