Scandinavia House Plans And A Houseboat

The houseboat movement, also known as the Scandinavian style, was the consequence of the collaboration between Danish firm d5architects and Stockholm-based designer Matti Klenell. The houseboat movement has been developed in order to allow people to live in homes designed as a successful global nomad alternative in the global southwest. It’s still possible, with its own structure and look and decorations, but these examples manage to capture the essence in simplicity and unpretentiousness and that’s what is so difficult to achieve when living in a big place.

The houseboat is situated in a secluded area on a mountain near Stockholm. A lot of trees are now in the middle of the property. As for the house itself, it’s fairly simple from any perspective but there’s a lot of charm hidden throughout all the details. The interior is inviting and friendly, allowing both the owners and the guests to really get into the building and enjoy the quiet environment and the beautiful views.

The wood interior gives the house a calm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s like a contrast between the modern views seen throughout the house and the classic and boring wooden floors. Most of the internal spaces are double volume, beautifully decorated and airy. The barrier between the indoors and the outdoors is nearly invisible, why that can be seen almost everywhere. If the house were only located on the upper floor, it would have a very different but interesting atmosphere and atmosphere and the design would have been very different.

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