Modern Wall Light Coils By Urban Outfitters

In case you haven’t heard by now that Urban Outfitters (who is leading manufacturer of outdoor wall lights in Europe and now in the US) is one of the companies that stand out from the crowd with some really amazing and unusual wall lights. They use materials that are usually found in the industrial supply supply and yet they manage to also look very natural and sophisticated. All the lights we showed you so far are both rated for outdoor use and they can also get this job done. But before we move onto that, we have to focus on another amazing source of inspiration: Urban Outfitters. We found out that this set of two wall lights was made by a company called Under Safer and is made of a combination of aluminum and PVC.

As you can see, these two sets are pretty special. They are made from a blend of products that have actually gotten their lamp advanced technology to the point where they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The manufacturer, UL are happy to be associated with such amazing products and brought the company to their attention by doing it. It’s common for people to use these lights outdoors but not indoors. They have this serene and soothing effect when illuminated with natural light and the white light is just perfect for these elegant lights.

The tall vertical thread count of 9 is perfect for a tall wall and it blends really nice and subtle with the actual tree that supports them. This particular light fixture is perfect if you want to create a rustic or industrial décor.

Modern Wall Light Coils By Urban Outfitters Photo 3

We also found another good example of how these tall wall lights look like like the branches of a tree. The contrast is really beautiful and the dimming switch help with the dimming functionality.

Modern Wall Light Coils By Urban Outfitters Photo 4

For outdoor wall lights the dimming feature is a good idea because the system is more or less the same as the dimmer switch and allows you to program the lights to be automatically dimmed. The shorter version, the more powerful the version with a maximum of two lights.

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