Meka Modular Home From Cocoon9

Sometimes the most important thing in a home is to have something to open your door to. In other times you have to know where to look for that particular spot. So the entry, for example, is a very important and important space. As for the actual home where you can find a specific type of furniture, the furniture might be more important. So we’ve decided to present you a selection of very beautiful modular houses that were designed by Cocoon9.

As you can see, these are not simple designs that can be easily put together. Instead, these are modular homes, creations of world leader, the designer Kees Hageman and his wife Yana Liparina from Spain. They want to create something different and unique, that exemplifies innovation and lack of compromise. The simple products they come with prove that these houses are not useless, that they are more than that and perhaps they will be enough to make an entrepreneur a host. I’m not sure what’s more, since these houses are way more expensive than the products presented at this price. However, on the other hand, it is a very interesting structure, if you would rather rent one and spend the same night in them. You can rent them in units of two, three or more.

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