In The City Camp

You know it was situated in the city and you have plenty of space to spare when you’re somewhere close to the city, in the city, in the crowded area, with people passing by and people passing by on the street, you definitely don’t want to stay there. So what chair would you choose for your house?

The answer is not very simple. We can offer you an answer to this question straight from the persons talking about the place. Actually, I’ll just show you a few examples so that you can make an informed decision.

The Apartment Building from Soho, designed by UNIT Audrogramman, is a combination between a residence and a commercial publication. It was designed for students who won a prestigious Interior Design Award and it’s a place where anyone can get refuge from the city’s heat. It’s a small building so the interior is not very beautiful. Nevertheless, the attention to details is exquisite.{found on designattractor}.

In The City Camp Photo 3

In this case, the interior was very well chosen and what was important, was the fact that the building accommodated two Olympic swimming pools. The design is just to apply when you decide to purchase this place or when you find something similar appropriate. However, since this is an interesting building, with pathways, alleys, balconies and so on, I would say it’s going to be very hard to use.

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