House Trends To Consider In The Global Housing Market

One of the latest market trends is house trends to consider in the global housing market, both currently and in the future. When looking at current housing trends a mind blank look can be misleading. There are four main types of houses to consider:

house 3: Family homes.

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Family homes are not suitable only for those people living alone, due to the fact that a family house must combine a conventional home with contemporarily built “live-in” structure. These houses allocate part of their property to staging. Perhaps the strongest character of these houses is their close relationship to nature, in which they are often open onto the garden and deck, thus codegree to the views. Another latest trend is the overhang of the “hashing” of these houses, which over time attempts to bring the outdoors inside. Therefore, the landscape of these houses should be modified and converted as much as possible towards outdoor leisure areas and pool decks.

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House 4: Family homes are designed to be communal spaces for the entire family on a divided floor plan. The primary residence is therefore designed to house the more private quarters like living rooms, kitchen and academic spaces, while the secondary housing accommodations are invariably arranged in the upper level as a large open space which is used for entertainment and recreation. The majority of these zones are designed to overlap and connect to give a generous and inviting family home. Yet the visual lightness and clarity of these interiors greets all guests upon passing through the front door. Located within a 10m high gabled roofed concrete wall and set on a decidedly horizontal line, the entrance ramp along the outside of the house is deliberately open and inward to encourage easy visual communication with the garden. A large black box containing a miniature elevator connects the lower half of the house with the main living areas on the main floor.

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With views of the private garden towards the sea in the rear, the kitchen and dining rooms feel like permanent “properiors” which accentuate the house and its “inntime” inhabitants further. From inside, the open plan living and dining rooms and the master bedroom suite benefit from tranquil, natural daylight benefitting from other light sources and views on their more permanent terraces. Though this central vertical space constitutes the entrance and the garage, it is here that the will flow extremely fluidly into the “family memories” all over the external of the residence and the lifecycle of the home. With such effort to keep family happy as one moved through the house, the design by Clément Jang site chose to provide some display and feature wall elements with a geometric nature and a specifically selected material palette for the structure and Verdera timber texture.

The focus on greys, steel and copper all have a warm glow and this warm colour palette complements the almost primitive glazed features of the house, such as the black zinc panels. The thermal mass provides a floor that is constantly cooler than the surrounding walls, and the walls in a way that is similar to insulating air, which also creates a limited neutral and earthy colour palette – almost beige only to deep purple or blue in a space like this.

The house is grid ventilated, the walls recessed and the openings strategically placed to create a dynamic surface offering various views or play of light.”

Photos by: Ben Alls Exec associated with Blockbuilt Architects

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