Cube Divider By Joerg Degeringe

In New York City’s West Village district the interiors of an apartment are designed by Joerg degeringe. Named Room 784, the daughter of artist Ron Neidt got her own apartment in the very well designed little house.

The overall dimensions of the space are 90 m2 (1,507 ft2) and it features a variety of different bright colors. On top of that, a cute cube divides the living room.

Cube Divider By Joerg Degeringe Photo 2

The beautiful thing about this cube is the fact that it’s made of LEGO. The interior is divided into various common and private zones. The first collective zone is more private and overlooks the front door while the second one features the bedrooms. The private zones seem like a bit more private.

The ground floor is a grey color zone while the first floor is a more neutral one. The floors are connected by a box that is a public zone. The hall and the stairs are the main features in this volume.

The hallway opens up to a storage area. It features a vintage bicycle wheel blocked against the wall by glider railings.

The storage is extensive and features in every zone in the apartment. The bedrooms are spacious and very serene. They have large closets, lots of wardrobes and they have those white sliding doors that impress through their simplicity and contrast with the vast floor that also has a beautiful color tone of beige.

The same color tone can also be found in all the rooms. The nursery is no exception. It features a sea star nursery room with white walls and small white details carved into the furniture. The decorations are also unique and beautiful.

The dining room is another one of the spaces where color is very important in modern interior designs. In this case, color can be a very strong and relaxing contrast.

As you may have noticed, the two dining room are very similar. One is the dining room, basically a public space that is arranged under the ceiling and it can seat 10 persons. There’s also a more private area, also a dining room and a kitchen. The bedroom, as the bed once was an apartment space and it also includes the bathroom. In addition, what’s interesting is also the way the hall looks like from the inside. It’s like a large space.

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