Cost To Build A Modern House From A Shipping Container

The S House is a contemporary home located in Singapore. It was built by Wallflower Architecture + Design in collaboration with its team of architects Jeremyaying Ohre and Maria Hao from Wallflower Architecture + Design. The house was completed in 2011. It occupies a site in a small population in Singapore. When building it, the architects did a great job at emphasizing the contrast between indoor and outdoor spaces. This resulted, first of all, the need for lots of natural light but also for plenty of natural ventilation.

The house features a steel frame and it was built using mostly steel for the design. Of course, for the construction of the house, the materials had to match the scale of the whole house. The challenge was of course the fact that the owners requested a big open space that would have amazing views as well as a sense of openness because of the incredible distance between indoor and outdoor we see now.

Cost To Build A Modern House From A Shipping Container Photo 2

The steel frame also helped to create a double-volume space. It’s a great use of the space. The interior features ply ceilings, ply stair ceilings and even an impressively large windows. The house also seems to have a very open and airy look thanks to the white walls and floor but also because of the glass walls and the small footprint.

The interior seems surprisingly spacious considering its 3,059 square foot structure. The house even has its own kitchen, a laundry room, a bedroom and an office area. The glass walls separate the internal spaces but still let in enough light. Of course, the fact that the house is located on a prime spot makes it stand out.{found on homedsgn}

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