Compact House Plan In Leiden Designed As Minimalist Studio Workspace

Leiden-based studio A-cero was in charge of the design of this minimalist studio built by Wim Kehrle Architects. The project was completed in 2011. The basic idea was to create a simple, minimalist and space-saving space-saving work space. It’s why the architects came up with the idea of completely self-sufficient house.

The house was designed as a complete multipurpose project. It serves as a home office, a library, a studio and a workspace for the employees. It has a beautiful roof, a corner windows and LED lighting. The rooms are functionally divided and they can fully interact with one another. The compact bedrooms are separated from common work areas through fabric bed wardrobes. The library is the main structure of the house, it measures 2,5m by 7,2m and it measures 4,5m high.

Besides the simple structure of the room and the multitude of windows and skylights, what were the main features of this project? There were a lot of abstract features that had to be incorporated into that design. For example, the stairway that serves as a focal point in the house, is illuminated by cord lighting and sits above the kitchen island. In the basement there’s a playroom that could eventually be converted into a guest room.

Compact House Plan In Leiden Designed As Minimalist Studio Workspace Photo 3

By all means, these are innovative ideas that come in a variety of volumes. However, the minimalism and lack of ornamentation caught the attention of the designers and they wanted to take advantage of this as much as possible. So they created a loft-style apartment in two levels. The rooms that needed bedrooms are arranged around a spiral staircase and the kitchen opens onto a minimalist wooden deck.

It was a challenging project but the results are amazing. The spiral staircase is one of the most beautiful features we’ve seen and it really helps with the organization of the space. The rooms are actually two separate areas. One of them is an open air space and it’s very functional as well.

The other one is a relaxation area. Both are equally beautiful. The open air feels like home in this beautiful portion of the apartment and it really helps you relax and forget about all the problems you’ve been struggling with.

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