Bathroom Vanity Small House In Japan By Naihan Yoshioka

This very interesting and charming home was designed by naihan Yoshioka and it’s located in Akita, Japan. The bathroom is particularly small and it was designed as an extra room for the family. Still, it’s very airy and inviting. It has a single room and a single bathroom.

It was placed somewhere very close to the ground. There were no walls between here and there, just a piece of glass that had been left bare. It’s a piece of technology that wasn’t part of the overall design. That’s also because of the location. Sitting in the middle of the city, the house couldn’t be more convenient and spacious. It also needed to have a warm and welcoming design.

Even though the bathroom isn’t part of the main décor, there’s still plenty of room for customization. The elements that have been used throughout the apartment have different personalities and dialogues with each other. Each room has its own characteristics and new dimensions and a home even knows how to make the most of that. The combination of modern elements and traditional traditions is beautiful in this case.

Bathroom Vanity Small House In Japan By Naihan Yoshioka Photo 4

The budget for this project was tight but it also kept plenty of finesse. The focus was on making the bathroom as beautiful and inviting as possible but without making the furniture unnecessary. The key to the design and the style is simplicity and minimalism. The décor is casual and very simple. The focus is not on the furniture but on the sink. The sink is recessed into the wall and it forms a continuation of the bathtub. The two sinks have matching hardware and the color is similar to the main nuances used throughout the apartment.{found on designsponge}.

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