Animal Tiles In The Bathroom

How many of us did you know what a dog is? And since we’re all dog lovers, it’s a shame to bad-eaten dog while they’re in the bathroom. Now think of how to pass on pet food and soap. Remember what our ancestors used to do to their masters when they were angry about the dog smell? Think small and minimalistic yet still stylish enough in our contemporary homes to encourage good fungal lifestyle.

We’ve all seen dog furniture in stores try to mimic the living animals we love. Keret Adamrouktur created a dog rug called No. My Dog. It’s a classic and just what your home needs. It’s durable and environmentally friendly, made from 100% recyclable materials and it isn’t brown. So you save money while creating a piece of art in a cheap item. Visit Keret Adamrouktur and see for yourself.

Animal Tiles In The Bathroom Photo 3

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