Unique Tiles For A Unique Décor

There are a lot of different designs when it comes to bathroom tiles. We all know what that means. However, there’s not that much of a difference when it comes to tiles other than that. They are mosaic tiles usually made of ancient materials. tiles are usually used in kitchens and public spaces for the bathroom and for areas like the bedroom or the bathroom in general. But tiles are also used in other parts of the house as well.

A very good example in this sense is this bathroom. Located upstairs of an apartment building from 1929, the apartment was beautifully renovated by Artichina Group and Utopia Interiors. It went from outdated to modern.

The biggest changes had to be made regarding the flooring. The corridor had to be recessed. The whole room got new carpentry and the atmosphere was fresh, cheerful and very inviting. The whole room features mosaic tiled walls. The whole idea was to transfer those materials and textures into a piece and to allow the space to feel open and airy. As the color palette is very simple and generally only includes neutrals, the accent material plays a very important role in this case. The white and blue combination is beautiful and always chic.

The overall décor is pleasant mostly because of the simplicity of the colors and the subtle shades of color. The shades are independent yet they are harmoniously combined. The furniture is modern and minimalist but also with subtle vintage touches here and there. An interesting combination which gives character to the whole décor of this space.

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