Rustic Lake House Plans From Ryan McLaughlin Architects

The Leawood Ranch is a unique and very interesting lakeside home designed and built by award winning studio Ryan McLaughlin Architects. It’s located in Columbia City, NY, USA and it presents a very interesting and unusual combination of old and new buildings.

The Leawood Ranch shares an intriguing connection with water as it resembles a large manmade lake. The house was built on three levels connected by a series of terraces and a main house with 100 square feet of living area. It was designed so the views are not extraordinary and it stands on a concrete platform, like a giant box set into the ground. Inside the house there’s room for three bedrooms and a kitchen and a dining area with a view of the lake. Outside there’s an entertainment area including a big terrazzo dining table.

The house is not the only interesting houses. Mallinson Ltd and Tisettanta Builders designed River Park House with a large water courtyard like an oasis. it’s a house designed to refresh the city and to become like a peaceful retreat. The water courtyard is the main feature in this project.

The design of this house is very interesting. The house seems to be composed of several petals of steel, all metallic and arranged on a large steel platform. It’s like being on a giant crane, its skeleton featuring everything one might need to get the job done. It’s a very unusual and original approach to the standard house design.

The house is unusual for several reasons, one of them being the fact that it’s fixed in a cliff and also the fact that it has no windows. This means that the views are not that easily enjoyed. The architects and the owners are both aware of that but they actually enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the architecture as a whole. This makes the house a good example for future projects, suitable for urban and rural areas.

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