Country Table And Chairs For A Table

I bet you all have seen at least once a beautiful table with a beautifully crafted base and a chair or two on top. Just take a look at this one. It’s a country style table but it’s more complicated and it also has multiple other useful pieces like a table but also a miniature sofa or bench, a coffee table or whatever you imagine like on your desk.

One of the pieces you can use to make your dining room table look like a beautiful country scene is a wooden chest with a cozy backrest. You just have to insert some cable rebars on the board and glue them onto some wood tops and use some cord or hot glue to make sure they stay in place. After that you can try something a bit more fun. For example, you could make some lovely and quirky-looking curtains that you can hang on the walls. It’s an idea that we got from brownbearlane.

How about a paper mache floor lamp? It would surely look interesting, especially on a warm/ceilinged room. You could use a sheet of plywood, a small nail, some wood glue, an X-acto knife, some painter’s tape, a ruler and a paper mache floor lamp. You can find out more about this project on southernrevivals.

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As long as you have a ceiling light set above your dining table, you can use a pendant lamp for the most part. You could keep the rest of the lamp custom made. A copper pipe cut into four pieces can then be attached to the ceiling. You can add some spray paint in any other color that you like so it’s not just bright and beautiful but also original. You can find out more about how to paint a copper pipe lamp on craftcuts.

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In case you have some bud vases just lying around which you could use in a more creative way, we suggest looking for ways to make them look special. One such example can be found on thinkingcloset. Here you’ll find out how to turn a pitcher into a talking vase and how to decorate it to make it look more interesting and eye-catching.

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Pizza pots are always great decorations, not to mention appetizer. That’s what you can do to make your planters look special and to make them unique. What could be easier than crafting a monogram planter for one of your patio or yard patio supplies. You could find out more about this type of project oncountrychiccottage.

Another cool idea could be to make a lawn knife planter. It’s not the most difficult project, especially if you want to make small customized projects but it’s combination of great for both indoor and outdoor use. You’ll need a knife, soil, a spoon and 3 or 4 skeins of soil. Just bend the soil around the skein in order to create the shape that you want. You could also plant succulents or cacti but you’ll need to customize your planter according to that. There’s also a detailed description about this project on sugarandcloth.

A planter can also be a decoration, not necessarily a storage container. It can be a planter box or a shelf. You could put it in the kitchen to keep various other utensils or utensils and it could also serve as a container for fruits and veggies. There’s a nice tutorial on 4men1lady which explains how to plan this type of storage container/ planter combo. Basically it’s just a frame and a pair of empty tin can that have the role of storage containers.

The idea suggested on 4thr5th placeacher is really chic and really charming too. The supplies needed for this project include wood, a saw, sandpaper, sisal rope, dark wood stain and louver-concrete powder. First you make a sketch of a tree stump side table and then you stain the wood, add the legs and there’s added storage compartment. The bottom section is stained while the top is painted gray which is actually a really nice and fun touch.

A similar project is also featured on placeofmytaste. The more you can put together this project the more ingenious and inspiring you get. You can save a lot of time and money by making using common metal cans and other things as vases. It’s also possible to stack them and save space when not in use. Check out the full tutorial to find out more about this simple project.

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