Backyard Sitting Area Ideas

The backyard is our main living space and the reason why we love it is because we spend most of the time there while we try to enjoy as much of the space as we can. Most people, if granted the freedom to do that, think for themselves and plan the house according to their needs and preferences. Here’s an idea for a long-time secretary of a family, interior decorator and young girl love outdoor spaces that can be arranged and decorated according to her preferences.

She chose an eclectic mix that will make you feel comfortable and that will make you reminisce about her hard work in front of the fire, preparing the dishwasher, doing the office, buying the coffee and so on. All these items need to be purchased and arranged in a spiral.

She stained the table, chairs and drawers and, in the same time, created a pattern in the transparent plastic that allows light to come in and to create a nice visual effect. You could also think of the fact that you can spend time in her office if you work at her and that you can get an even quality time.

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To pay attention to details, in the middle of her photos there is a flower motif that reminds the mother of her profession. The orange vertical motif that surrounds the flower motif is in fact a stylized silhouette of a heart. She thought of the theme until she realized what it means: the heart shaped out of the coffee table and that’s exactly what a girl needs. Remember the flower motif: one to bring in more natural elements, like sand and gravel and plants and trees in the outdoors and reprex anything you like. Lane Kern is a very artistic, kind and a very creative lady who lives and works in the country.{found on frecklednest}.

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