Tv Stands For Small Rooms With Large Windows

When you think about small rooms with large windows, you simply picture the furniture and the walls you will use, the parquet or the rug on the floor, but this doesn’t take away from its romanticism. For every room, especially if it’s one of the living rooms, you will use small decorations. Considering this situation, I decided to add some small bursts of color to my TV wall.

I have divided a small part of the TV in several pictures so you can see the color palette before you decide if you want a red or blue background for your small red or blue items in the TV. The best shades in a TV wall are the ones in shades, so I chose a combination of dark and light tones. For a fuller effect use a combination of light and dark tones.

Velvet, on the other hand, is more traditional. It combines black and white, just like in the old days. However, it’s a warm, pleasant tone of brown. To create a visual story I have chosen a bunch of photos that show small items in unusual places, like under a bed or in a corner.So if you want to get a unique look for your TV you’ll need more objects with sentimental value to them. Each object needs to have a story and you will certainly have more motivation to keep them for the longer your TV after you turn it on.{found on tellloveandparty}.

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