Modern Swivel Chairs With Rotating Tracks And Adjustable Heights

Nowadays more and more people seem to feel the need to have swivel chairs. They want to have fun and to benefit from the wonderful ride that a horse or a cat can learn along. However, after searching and dreaming a long time, I found a wonderfully practical chair that also uses a swivel track. This chair lets you vary the height between 30 cm and 140 cm and it all depends on the balance of the swivel chair. The idea was given by the designers of the Casimano collection and the main items that they used in this collection are the swivel chair, the X chair and the base chair.

The X chair was designed in 1980 by Davide Oppi. It has become an important and classic piece of the modern furniture. It’s so conceived by the creative artists responsible for the Caresse collection that it gives the design a modern touch and a little bit of old-world feeling. X chair is meant to be comfortable and it was created especially for outdoor use. Not only that, but it also has a very beautiful and sophisticated look.

Modern Swivel Chairs With Rotating Tracks And Adjustable Heights Photo 3

The great thing about the X chair is that it creates a cocoon-like feel by being suspended on cotton thread and its cocoon-like shape allows you to admire the beached beauty of the frame without having to get out of bed. It’s a swivel chair and it was designed mainly for outdoor use. However, the look can be adapted if needed. The chair is available in a variety of colors like black, white, silver, orange or yellow. You can order the chair for $1, aware of the presence of its presence in any corner of your house.{found on behance}.

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