Baccarat Lights

Baccarat is a collection of outdoor lamps and featuring a very simple design, with a more sculptor than a lighting device. The bulbs are very simple as well and there’s not much you can do about the shape because all the models are basically the same. Still, there are some major differences. Let’s see how others have included this design before showing us how to build such a lamp.

You can find it in stores or on the internet and you can choose to either use it as an outdoor chandelier or as an outdoor lamp and put it inside your home. The design is very simple and also quite fun and original. The bulb is the main element. The chandelier is made of two identical Edison-style bulbs and there are six of them in total. You can choose to use two identical Edison bulbs for the bottom and three other Edison ones for the top. The shades are pretty self-sufficient and will only create light when directed correctly. You can control the amount of light that comes out and turn this into your preference based on the mood and the available space.

The pendant light presented here is the result of folding the bulbs to avoid the use of wire. You can find it on the internet and hang it above a dining room table for example or anywhere else you want to add some beautiful lighting to your home. It comes in red, black and white.

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