Wood Beams Design By Jacobsen/Ekling

Wood beams have been used for more than just a few years in cabins and designed for withstand the elements. They still represent an important part of design and can be appreciate and even prove to be quite unique. Wood is a material that can be extensively used in many different interior decors. A wood beam would definitely change the atmosphere and the design of a home. The wood beams have more than one meaning but only for enchanting purposes. Still, wood beams are versatile enough to also be used outside as long as it is kept warm and cozy.

A dream cabin would sit above a lake or somewhere flooded with light in your back. A wooden beam would definitely influence the whole cabin’s design. This one seems like it’s been forgotten. It sits in front of the fireplace and it looks like the beams dictate a balanced and casual décor. The choice of material is quite odd. One of the most surprising features is the fact that the owners left the beam boards exposed in order to preserve the exposed beams.

Wood Beams Design By Jacobsen/Ekling Photo 2

The choice of wood is unusual but it also makes this cabin more beautiful and inviting. The combination is very elegant and it adds warmth and style to the already modern décor. Such a cabin should feel more welcoming and cozy. The sloped roof is a very nice detail that further enhances the modern design. You can definitely see the point in this case.

Another one just in case more elaborate design. This one also has two furringsten step staircases, complemented by a third furringsten stepcloths and two furring step shorter than the overall structure. They complement each other like a puzzle. The overall design and structure are interesting and special. It’s a beautiful example of a contemporary cabin in a forest.{images by Renata Montesigner}.

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