Stained Glass Room Divider By Sony Associés

For those who use glass for furniture or for any other kinds of items from walls to furniture, it is usually used in rooms with simple walls without traditional decorations. In such cases like this stained glass room divider by Sony Associés is a great attraction.It is used to separate a bedroom from a kitchen or a dining room from a hallway. The glass is smooth and allows the space to be treated as a perfect puzzle. The design of the divider is simple as well as interesting, as it elegantly balances between the two other blocks that house the dining room table and the chairs for the chairs family table.

It is the place where the user will eat and is treated according to the user’s preferences. Each piece of furniture has its own character and its design will influence the way the atmosphere will make the house intermingled with this one. The spaces left empty are also empty, to emphasize the airy atmosphere we enjoy in such open spaces. The whole house is wide open and in a way it makes you feel as if you were inside of a huge glass box.

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