Sitting Window Duplex In Old Montreal By Atelier D’Architecture

Located in Hermanan, Montreal, Canada, this duplex occupies the space between the historic “ Little Red Hill” and the Little Ottawa River. In order to adapt it to the location as well as the needs of the owners, the architects came up with a simple solution of demolishing the existing structure on the site. This helped the team to smooth the space while also respecting the heritage of the area. The roof structure of the existing building was reused in the new, modern extension.

The duplex now has a simple but innovative design. The architects used this as a source of inspiration for the creation of the new structure. They also wanted the original height of the building to be preserved so they didn’t make any modifications to the existing height. The architects were also commissioned to create a contemporary extension for the duplex. This is a four-storey structure with a contemporary design and a glazed façade. The windows are large and the terrace is filled with light. Moreover, the new extension is visually richer and the original interior beams are preserved along with most of the built ins.

Sitting Window Duplex In Old Montreal By Atelier D’Architecture Photo 2

The four-bedroom duplex is situated on the third and last floor of the existing structure. A large hallway connects the two levels. It’s functionally structured and it connects the entrance floor to the kitchen and the social areas. A beautiful vertical garden shelters the terrace. The windows and a large sliding glass door provide easy access to the roof garden. This amazing duplex recently got an extension. It was designed by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum.

Of course, the most impressive detail is the fact that the extension is only 50 square meters. It’s a two-story structure with a striking contemporary design. Like all the other projects developed by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum, this one has a very simple design. It’s a contrasting one that combines several styles into one striking design. From the street, the building has a strong presence and it looks quite scary on that scrap.

But it’s not a striking thing on that specific volume. The image is not entirely striking. It’s also far from looking uninteresting. The dark exterior, however, is not the most memorable feature. Even so, it stands out.

Not only that the structure has a strange design and resembles several different types, the façade can also be perceived as a complex monolithic structure. The playful approach has created a very charming balance. Functionality is the most important detail here and this can be seen wherever you look. The openness of the design and the various levels and levels of privacy are there in their own way.To make the structure even more balanced and to establish different levels from where the inhabitants can enjoy each other’s company, the clients requested a terrace, deck, one for the street accessible via a bridge, and also a sunken pool.

The architects used many design solutions when designing this unusual structure. Spatial transparency is one of the best features for such a project. The social zone is composed of a large open space plan which contains the living room, the kitchen, and dining areas. There’s also a cozy family room with its own transitionary space. The basement, on the other hand, houses three additional bedrooms in a guest room and in the back of the main structure there’s a multi-purpose area that includes a large pool, a sauna and a home theatre.

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