Pedestal Vanity By Elena Colombo

If you feel that your bedroom or bathroom is simply not enough for you, the right furniture and accessories are very much needed. Take for example this elegant vanity created by Elena Colombo. She is innovative and proves creativity and vision, modernity and glamour are great influences.

The special feature of this vanity that will always be appreciated by people is the marvelous and artistic design of the legs. They are the perfect example of a piece of furniture that has nothing in common with any other that shares its style. It is the reason why it is a beautiful, contemporary vanity that draws everybody’s attention and will immediately discover beauty and style. The combination of glossy, mirror and metal and the unique way it was created displays the intricate details and alluring aspect of this piece of furniture.

Pedestal Vanity By Elena Colombo Photo 2

The idea is still modern and inspires originality and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. It is important to know how to create the feeling of privacy in a room as this can be achieved with the help of a tall mirror on the wall that seems to resemble a piece of art and the subtle and nice accented of a sculptural vanity.For $329 this beautiful vanity can be yours!

Pedestal Vanity By Elena Colombo Photo 3

Pedestal Vanity By Elena Colombo Photo 5

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