Luxury Lamps That You Can Easily Move From Place To Place

Whether you just want to have the light in your room permanently when you’re going out, when you want to have it placed somewhere nice where you can feel free to do whatever you want, a classical and modern lamp can make your living room look stunning. There are many different styles and models of lamps and lamps can be purchased to suit most homes and stores. To help you make the most of your money, we have compiled a catalog of all the classical lamps and they are more modern than ever.

This combination of modern technology and traditional looks is great if you want to be able to enjoy a nice balance of views and also the freedom of moving your living room into a different part of the house. And to make things even better, these lamps also feature nickel mechanism that is one of its basic features and one that has become classic and popular. Here are some examples of contemporary lamps with modern and sleek looks.

1. The first one is Harmony, available in silver and black. A very beautiful lamp. Its design is inspired by traditional shapes. Harmony can be adjusted to a specific size and seat or height. Here you don’t have to use much. You can simply change the lamp position.

2. The second model is Mask, available in 24, 50& 38 hues and which is also available in matte black and pink. Designed bylier and available in two versions, the lamp can either be integrated into the wall, of a different size as well as straight or spirals. It’s a very simple and elegant piece of furniture that brings together the features of both modern and traditional homes.

3. The last model is Grandma, an interesting and simple but also elegant and solid. The metal base gives it stability and the glass shades reflect the light. Grandma brings a lot of beautiful treasures in your living room. Your guests will definitely be mesmerized by this lamp and its unique look. It’s an important piece of furniture for your home and an impressive accent piece. The elegant exterior comes complemented by a delicately designed interior.

4.Another very interesting and elegant lamp is Grandma, available in three different colors. The version presented by the designer is a little more colourful than the other one. It has an eye-catching and artistic look. The exterior comes complemented by a textured metal finish and a transparent glass shade matching or contrasting with the frame or the shade. The overall dimensions of the lamp are Diam. 34’’ W and the available lampshades are cord, leather, black, platinum.

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