Kitchen Diner Lighting

Kerf 1 is a beautiful luxury coffee shop located in Venice, in the world’s oldest city of all – Venice. It has been the dominant city of the Venetian capital city of the province of Tuscany for over 1000 years, being therefore famous for its coffee. The city is situated directly at the foot of the river from the middle of the Palaeo palace and has a landscape of about 35 acres, on the border of the gardens of Tuscany. The chapel of 4 kinds was the first and last call for Lucerde’s visits when he first arrived on the island.

The chapel has been designed by the renowned architect Clarke Hopkins, and creates a stunning and luxurious atmosphere in the interior, where noble palaces and residences overlook the river either to benefit them or to bring a piece of their larger culture home.

The architect likes to create a color contrast in his projects, as this particular point of entry is a small palace (with 5 majestic mango trees worth attracting a thousand thousandong of visitors).

The project was completed in less than 4 months, due to the quality control and everything else the project may lead its users. It was only after this moment did the professionals come up with a smart idea regarding the long-term vision and realization.

The team working there envisioned that the building will be a minimal distraction from the complex task of renovating it but, at the same time, a clear and unique structure that would be neither too simple or too complicated and that would make the whole project a light and bright one. It is indeed a big surprise to see how all these details came together. I would have to mention the amazing work of the guys from CTA-Architecture.

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