Ultra Modern Kitchen By TANKI

As we may look now, we may already have spotted a lot of ingenious and smart designers that write about kitchens. It’s not difficult to imagine what a modern kitchen could look like if designers or anyone could do with it. These are the Mini Bar refrigerator from TANKI, a London-based design studio that recently graduated and entered the “TANKI kitchens to create the new market” project.

This unusual and interesting collection includes several of them, each with a name suggestive of the designer’s work. They are: Jaime & Luz Ford (ajca), Piedra Cae-Mendois, Merry (ajpoba), JÜnne (charlathottir), Four Views(Tom), Rob Karosis, Pietter Geogensen and Jero Matsherlo).

The objects in this collection range in color, steel, leather and they all have artistic and yet so simple. The prices range from $3.50 to £6.95, according to the region of the country you live in. This is a welcomed detail in this well designed kitchen. The central island is dark and robust and very functional. It includes a stainless steel sink, a leftovermarina wooden cabinet (made of stainless steel) and a bunch of storage drawers.

The objects are combined in a variety of different ways and the result is unusual but very interesting. You don’t have to be a professional kitchen artist to be able to create this kind of unique items. The kitchens don’t necessarily have to be functional. They can just as well be very cozy and inviting. The key is to know how to use storage and how to create an ingenious kitchen design.

Ultra Modern Kitchen By TANKI Photo 4

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