Small Corner Bathtub

Even though it’s not very popular, smaller bathtubs are often seen as representing a symbol for modern and contemporary interior designs. In fact, most often they are reminiscent of traditional or vintage decors. However, this doesn’t make them timeless. In fact, that’s not only true, it’s a feature that has its own charm and has never really changed.

Today we came across a very beautiful and modern piece. It’s the Corner bathtub. Unlike other similar fixtures, this one really is minimalist and simple. It features a clear glass interior and it seems to be floating in the air. It’s floating without actually falling down, relying on the structure of the exterior for stability. The bathtub has an uninterrupted glass rim and a fairly simple design.

Small Corner Bathtub Photo 2

People also use this type of corner bathtub in other ways and they can take in as much as they want from the interior. In this case the glass rim is also an interesting part of the overall design. The corner tub is available in a variety of colors, even in white.

Small Corner Bathtub Photo 3

This Barcelona chair is an armchair on which the user can rest his feet and enjoy his bath, something that would have normally been a very simple and basic design. The chair floats just like a classic chair. But, like most similar pieces of furniture, it also features a key-hole and can be purchased in black with gold accents.

This modern bathtub is a piece of furniture that stands out by contrasting with the main characteristics that it has. Its earthy color gives it a subtle feel that allows it to be a very cozy and inviting space. It’s also a piece of furniture that allows access from both sides. One side of the tub features rounded corners and this allows the user to store things open or closed. The other side features rounded corners and the result is a minimalist and sophisticated design, perfect for this space.

Here’s yet another bathroom that features nothing but a simple rectangular bathtub. In this case, for example, the tub is built into the structure and sits on top of the counter. It has an oval shape and, instead of separating function, it also serves as a piece of furniture.

For an even more interesting look you can choose a full bathtub. It can be very artistic and interesting-looking. But since it’s a small room and the bath is purely a bathtub, you can also choose to include a shower or a tub by the tub, in which case it would be a lot more dramatic. Here are a few examples that might help.

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