Self Sufficient House In Seattle By Gregory Mein

The Great Dane Estate is located in the middle of a city called Seattle, in the United States. It’s a beautiful residence with beautiful architecture and elegant interior design. Even though it’s simple, it’s just a fact. The interior of the residence was designed by Christopher Simmonds of Scape Architects. It’s a very beautiful and elegant residence that sits in the wonderful area of Cascade Mountains. The residence was designed as a weekend retreat where its owners can go to enjoy the beautiful views and nature.

It’s a simple and cozy residence, with a simple design and a lovely interior. It’s also a sustainable residence. It features passive ventilation, geothermal heating and conditioning while also being environmentally-friendly. However, it’s also an inviting and elegant residence. Let’s see the actual home features.Before and after images show a simple, inviting, modern residence with a beautiful design and everything that’s good and practical. The color palette is the main tone of success. It includes shades of beige and brown with the occasional white and black. These three shades work together to tone down everything else.

The residence has a large open floor plan that includes the living room and the dining room. The dining room is very large with plenty of room for seating. The residence also has two terraces. One of them is area and the other is a private lounge space. The main living room presents a lot of comfortable furniture and a really cozy design. This is a great family-home experience.{found on dwell}.

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