Kitchens With Black Cabinets – Black Means Versatile, Resourceful And Sophisticated

Choosing a style for the kitchen could be an daunting task at first. A modern kitchen is often unique and contrasting to the old, rustic and vintage cabinets. Black is a color that, in most cases, is best used as a contrasting color. But there is much more to black than color. Think of the possibilities and the way an eclectic kitchen leaves you free with more room to breathe. More than just color experts, color expert Gama Green breaks the monotony by creating a kitchen with a strong personality.

Deep, dark and stripped down – the Think kitchen by Francesco Perini is extremely unique through and through. A black island makes the space below as organized as possible and yet every detail is so captivating. The island is the focal point of the open space living area and it too is complemented by stainless steel shelves. Color is added through artwork and accessories such as the lighting fixture overhead.

The color black in the Think kitchen unifies the open space elements with the more intimate living space and open kitchen to the back as well. The soaker tub is the perfect focal point. Black also contrasts with wooden cabinetry and other elements that are white, thus making the space seem like a lot brighter. The kitchen floor, once again decorated with cabinets and accessories, presents a nice symmetry with the living room.

Kitchens With Black Cabinets – Black Means Versatile, Resourceful And Sophisticated Photo 3

A limited palette of colors along with black for the peninsula and the peninsula cabinets together turn the black Interiors into a neutral background for the furniture accents. As the kitchen can clearly see, the black floor is the anchor volume and the design flows in the same way as the floating staircase.

Kitchens With Black Cabinets – Black Means Versatile, Resourceful And Sophisticated Photo 4

The simple, but striking design in black is the starting point of the studio which also disguises the rest of the kitchen as a part of the living area. The concrete island is beautifully complemented by stainless steel accents and by sleek glossy white cabinets.

A dining area is highlighted beautifully by the stainless steel appliances as well as by the black classy light fixtures. The top section of the table, for example, features transparent glass shelves.

The light color theme continues in the nook. The open floor plan is actually one of the two dining zones. A small built-in kitchen pantry, some matching black chairs and a beautiful antique wooden floor completed this zone for great taste.

The living room is the most impressive area, created by the master bedroom, bathroom, children’s bedroom, separate saunaium and great space for recreation and relaxation. Naturally, this wasn’t always a dreamy location, here the living area takes the modernist approach with its romantic-contemporary setting and the white glossy ceiling with beautiful sconces provides beautiful details.

There’s also a few matching bookshelves, one of which is a representative to the theme of this project. Love the white books!

The kitchen, like the rest of the social zone is decorated with shades of beige and silver with an added element of luxury. Solid wooden chairs are nicely placed around a stone cold fireplace providing the perfect background. It’s a clever combo.

Pivoting the fireplace to the warmth of the space, the architects ensure that those inside enjoy the warmth and comfort of their fireplace as well. The residence makes the most of its interior design and the highlight is a series of multi-colored doors which offer privacy without closing the home off from the noise outside and make it feel closer to the outdoors while offering nice views.

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