Cool Wallpappers Outside Of Amsterdam

Back in Amsterdam they used to make lots of interesting designs. One of them was to make an unusual and original wallapper. It’s not a new idea but has always been an unusual creation that could be easily brought in. A while ago we found this interesting Wallapper. It’s not exactly a wallapper but more like a decorative accessory for your room. Curious how the name ended, what it says and what makes it better than the original piece? Here’s what you need to make a similar piece: a 1 x 2 piece of lumber, four 1 x 2 pieces of lumber cut to size, a drill, 8 1/2” screws, circular steel board and white paint or lacquer. The idea was to make a decorative wallapper and to display it on the wall. Now you can actually use it as a pencil or as a level marker on the wall. The little holes have the ergonomic shaped. To attach the circular steel board to the back piece you’ll also need a hot glue gun.

If you don’t want to use the whole pegboard with the design of the wallapper, you can just have fun modeling it. A small project starts here. You can create three geometric shapes: the wild, the precise and the smooth. You can then sand them down, paint them and apply the chalkboard paint. Tape the pegboard to the wall and let it sit for several hours. Then create the shape of the geometric shape you’ve chosen and enjoy.{found on designsponge}.

For this project you’ll only need a few simple supplies and you can choose any type of wood you want. For example, a pegboard would allow you to sculpt your house number into a beautiful feature for the garden or yard. You’ll also need a piece of lumber, a drill, sandpaper, a saw and wood stain or paint. First you need to stain or paint the lumber. Then you’ll have to measure the board. Sand it and stain it. Then apply two coats of oil-based primer and sealer. Then attach the board to the wall and you’re done.{found on kirtsy}.

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