Contemporary Stairs Design In Vietnam

In Vietnam people prefer the wave or the siren song, to dream and to try to succeed. Still people try to imagine that their world without a lot of space and distance taken into account the beauty of the perfect balance. At least, this is the image that comes in their minds when they imagine how having this dream world like being in the mountains or the ocean is like. At the origins, of wave vies, also we can draw our inspiration for our own house designs and interior design from the pictures we have presented you several months ago. The image of simplicity and portraiture that we have just presented , comes from excellent sources.

For example, this lovely home has an interesting structure. The living area is connected to the center of the house through a spiraling glass floor that is the ceiling. The living room opens fully to the professional garden located on both sides of the house, that is have uninterrupted views. The main room of the house , the kitchen area and the bedroom are connected through steps that follow the sine waves. Moreover, even the bedrooms of the children are connected to the main garden – on south, the living room, the kitchen and the dining room. The drawing room opens fully to the formal garden with steps that follow the sine waves.

Contemporary Stairs Design In Vietnam Photo 2

A large ceramic sink is positioned on the floor of the kitchen, very convenient for small spaces. A large transparent side panel to the kitchen area that hides the cabinet almost disappears, shows a precious ceramic flower, and protects the furniture from all the beautiful decorative elements of the exterior. The lower level of the house is where two bedrooms , a theatre room and a living room.

Contemporary Stairs Design In Vietnam Photo 3

A total interior 700 square meters were customized for the weekend getaway. The house has all the comfort and comfort of a normal home. It has an terrace with wonderful views over the garden and the pool area. Furthermore the client requested a full program to be furnished to all the areas of the house, including living room, dining room and kitchen.

Contemporary Stairs Design In Vietnam Photo 4

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