Ceramica Sant Agostino: A Bird’s-house For Art Lovers

Sant Agostino is a name Spanish as the name for ceramics. From a distance it looks almost like an abstract painting, the more you analyze it the more you get an idea of its true identity. Such a work of art can be even more disturbing than beautiful, considering its close proximity to the closed cocoon. It is truly a unique chamber and exhibition space designed by Ateli Hayneedle.

The space was designed to display objects belonging to the renowned Disney team. The designers and artists actually work for Disney, as they created pieces inspired by the real-life versions of Toy Story. Some of the other creations made by the company are the M stroll, a cabled room, the table magnets and the Dr. Who’s coffee table. They all have fans behind them, just like the real pieces of art themselves.

The M stroll room is made from transparent crystal glass. The transparent glass is hand-cut and has a unique and serene shape. The four dots of LED lights are adjustable for your comfort, just like pieces of Dr. Who’s coffee table. The contemporary Asian influence on the piece of art showcased on the walls, is another interesting and intriguing way of showcasing the work of famous designers for their work.

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