Building A House On A Slope With A Stunning View

How would the house itself be designed to enrich the surroundings? Set one into the hillside and surrounded by trees, the house looks like it was built right out of the landscape. That’s exactly what the architects of CraftZero Architects were going for in their design. They created a residence that looks like it’s freshly resting atop one of a kind soil or hill. The goal was to create a house that allows the owners to take advantage of the scenery that surrounds them. To achieve that, they built the house “within arm” of the house, with one large glass wall.

The house is organized in three parallel layers. At the east and west elevations it has a concrete wall with overhangs, this creates privacy and to establish protection against the elements. The west side is a solar tower with a glass exterior, which gives it the most spectacular views.

The house is built with two carpentry workshop machines and two workshop doors. The building’s skin is flat, so it creates overhangs that help keep the house cool. The roof of the west side is in a region used for agriculture and the whole building was designed and built there. The interior is open and there are glazed walls throughout which create large visual and physical connections between indoor and outdoor areas.

Building A House On A Slope With A Stunning View Photo 3

Images byiovanni-ioquiaro from the website of the Inarchibio.

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