White Sofa Living Room With Built-in Storage For Books

Modern living rooms today have very open spaces, such as the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the office, etc.. sometimes more is more, and therefore it’s tempting to go for a built-in sofa. We like the look and feel that comes with the idea and there’s plenty of options for such a design. Here’s a very good example of a white sofa that would look great in a modern living room.

It has a very simple and modern design, with very few adornments and accessories. The only feature that gives it a hint of sophistication and style is the built-in storage cabinet with several drawers. The monogram is a nice touch and makes the sofa more suitable as a coffee table. The tufted back cushion, the picture-perfect wall in a workspace, the very chic and elegant chandelier and the vibrant and colorful wall painting bring all that into the living room. And so, by the way, all you need is to admire the sofa.

White Sofa Living Room With Built-in Storage For Books Photo 2

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