Traditional Japanese Homes For Sale – Modern Cottages In Tokyo

There’s something especially beautiful about Japanese houses with modern interiors. You can sometimes small hints of color in there, just like in this cozy cottage. This is a traditional Japanese home and it’s a two-story home. It features a mix of modern and traditional elements and the contrast is however subtle and soothing as the rest of the décor. In addition, there are also several other unique designs which are worth to be mentioned.

The house is located in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a three-storey structure and it’s situated in a quiet area and it’s situated close to restaurants and shopping centers. Here and there you can find numerous traditional and classical details specifically chosen for the owners.

For example, the house also features wooden floors and accent walls and columns. They add character to the place and make the transition between these areas smooth and almost unnoticeable. The house also has several inviting new areas developed all over the place, following the same theme with the ceilings and walls. The new areas feature retractable roof extensions and very simple structures. The houses are opened to the new terrace which is very beautiful and welcomes the outdoors in, allowing you to admire the views and to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

Traditional Japanese Homes For Sale – Modern Cottages In Tokyo Photo 4

Very often, there aren’t many traditional details in a Japanese house. Even though there aren’t many original details to be found, there are still plenty of things that give personality to this place. They can be seen in all the rooms, including the color theme of the walls. The furniture is authentic and old, with an antique look and some modern touches. Besides all these, there’s so much beauty in the interior design.

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