Small Garden Pond Ideas By Kellyi Beach Design

It’s always nice to walk in a garden and to just be there while fresh air, beautiful flowers and colorful trees take over. It’s nice to try something new and quick. Still, planning a walkway seems like a splendid idea. But it’s not just some decisions that create an interesting décor. You also have to know how you’re going to use all those elements. Here are some tips.

Kellyi Beach Design imagined a very spacious garden with integrated planters. The planters are made of numerous small ones. You can have them placed anywhere you want and they can all arranged in the shape of a flower. The colors are simply chosen and you can mix them to avoid too much space.

Small Garden Pond Ideas By Kellyi Beach Design Photo 2

Continuing on the same tone, another interesting idea is to use a different nuance of the same colors for the planters. This time you’ll need green, yellow and beige, the nuances come from the surrounding plants. Watering plants can be admired and they will complete the grey and beige décor.

This garden designed by Kellyi Beach Design features a more dynamic look. The pots are all hanging on a thread-like pattern. The main body is hanging off the side of the house, quite literally. A series of smaller pots with different heights are also there for support. But of course this is just a concept.

In a modern home, a simple and abstract design can be refreshing just by featuring a geometric garden planter like this one. The pots are turned upside down. Use soil and water to make a compost area that you can use in the garden. This one is hanging on a stone wall and can even hang from a tree or from the ceiling beams.

A geometric, circular planter is wonderful if you want to create a casual and relaxed indoor atmosphere. Use leaves as decorations. You can use them to create interesting geometric designs and patterns. Combine them in all sorts of fun and interesting ways and enjoy coming up with your unique design.{found on brunner}.

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