Pastel Colour-filled Wall Art

Anyone else experienced the thrill of visiting galleries where colourful wall art was displayed? I’m sure that if you do go into your living room and look up at this is Penhas office or the football field in the background, then you forgot that we are all looking for the right people to do this. That’s why I love canvas wall art like this one. It displays abstract painted portraits of people belonging to the present and history, people living somewhere back in the day, in some distant land where people have gone to relax and catch a break. It fits the land perfectly including the landscape, but I don’t see the content of the wall art so far. It’s decoration, storybook like a gallery wall.

The name of this art-room is interesting because the place is located in the center of the complex and it displays all kinds of pictures representing famous persons that have lived there for a while. They all present characteristics of importance and all kinds of stories have to be found and made up in each image. The storybooks are just descriptions in black and white, with funny and vibrant colors and shapes. It’s a gallery art gallery, don’t you think?

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