Modern Minimalist Interior Design By Sebastian Mars On Skeppersoncanissai

Stefan, a lovely little woman who shares your photos and “socks” on her huge computer, seems to have it all. She took a look at her flat and decided to make some changes. Her room is not totally new but it seems like it’s ready to become a modern and very stylish space. She bought an elegant black leather sofa and set it out with a nice black net and colorful net curtains. Now her bedroom is part of the living room too so she uses different colored curtains for different parts of the room: the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom.

My daughter just became one and bought each of them a new sofa totally different from the previous ones. This is very useful and nice looking and each piece is made especially for children. The black net on the side is first painted in pencil, and stuck, giving the place a touch of color and a touch of modernism and youth. An old painting on the wall, makes the whole apartment even more interesting and inspiring. The apartment is very well planned and nice furniture is kept clean and carried on the walls, providing the children a quiet place to study. The pink bedding is a nice detail. The oak table from the kitchen, is very beautiful and nice, the geometrical pillows are the accent details that complete the perfect aspect of this room.

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