Legs In Bathtub By Sicis & Decode

Imagine a Hollywood star, enjoying the comfort and beauty of the finest and newest bathtub with your own for the first glance. That’s exactly what happens if you install some of these ingenious and unique “legs”. These new bathtubs are dubbed the “legs” and feature the brand’s Articulae collection.

Articulature by Sicis & Decode is located in Spain and is comprised of wooden bathtubs that were created using the structure of wooden beams. Articulature is fun to look at and love. Huge free-form, translucent images of clouds, flowers and other natural elements surround you on pedestals and give a gentle solation to your body and mind. Some of these “legs” can be used as seats, others can be built into the floor, and still remain above the walls to bring out your creativity. You can see Articulature through their wood-like look, or you can use them as storage areas. Built into the stairs with some awe inspiring, you are sure to enjoy access to the rooftop terrace or the white, illuminated lounge for you and your family. Articulature is sure to be a place of creativity, inspiration and creativity.

Legs In Bathtub By Sicis & Decode Photo 2

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