Home Pool Ideas From The Interiors By Michael Beth

These three properties are like a magic carpet which covers their interiors. Nothing has changed about the house pool, from the interior design and furnishings, to the musical background and the amazing outdoor spaces and terraces. Nothing is left to chance. For example the amazing pool names “Love”, a reflex tire wall painted red and similar to a key holder for a key chain. Nothing is left unused to get a clear view.

A hall of the main house is the central communal space where the family can go to enjoy the games and relax in a funny music Video Wall with a PC and a cell phone. The kitchen and dining room are pretty much the same and are made in a complementary manner, with the cook dominate by color.

A lot of emphasis is placed on energy conservation and coolness in particular, since the house is considered “elegant and refined”. On the ground floor there are the living rooms and bedrooms, with identical decors, from which one can easily notice the Jacuzzi and the pool outside.

Home Pool Ideas From The Interiors By Michael Beth Photo 3

A transparent green glass wall was installed to allow natural daylight deep into the common areas and the activities rooms while a wooden beams structure was installed to allow cross-ventilation and void overhead.

In the master bedroom a “rafter wing” was created, to link the bed on one side to the master bathroom on the other side. The room is surrounded by spaces made of demolition wood, wooden planks, and bricks. The corridor that connects the bedrooms to the common areas is a former school board.”

Photos by: Elsa Ramirez

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