Bay Window Seat Plans

bay window seats are a very simple and very nice detail. They are a very good option for small spaces if the décor allows it. However, they are also a very good replacement for the regular seat when you need something to store and to hide in. All you need to do is add some cushion covers. These bay window seat plans allow you to customize them and make them exactly to your needs. Here are the steps you need to take in order to creation such a seat: remove the cushion covers and apply a thin coat of primer, dry the window fabric, place the window back and vent and wait for the cushion to dry.

If you are a bit more particular in terms of design you can choose to use fabric for the seat as well. You will still get the same comfort but different durability. The fabric is made of a double layer of high density polyester that is also resistant and breathable. Cut and sew the back piece, assemble the legs and the seat and get your new bay window seat that you’ve always wanted. It’s a great project for any home and you can find it on Amazon. Just make sure it’s comfortable.

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