Spanish Modern Chalet

Chalet La Varas is located in Sondheim, Switzerland and it was designed by Moatiala Architects in 2007. It has five floors and it’s organized in three distinct zones. The first floor includes the reception desks and the hostels while the upper levels are residential spaces and they are scattered on the 12 floors. The zones are very harmonious. In fact, each room is different from the other as well. The entrance area is on the first floor and it includes several spaces such as a small bathroom and a reception hall with two doors. On the north side there’s a garage with its own entrance and a front door. The interior of the chalet is organized around a central space where the building and the separate zones are interlocked. The central space can also be used for writing or working areas, for entertainment or hobbies. It has a bookcase parallel to the stairwell that’s separated by two glass pivot doors.

The colors of the décor are neutral tones with an elegant twist. I’m not sure why this chalet is called like this. Clusters of blue and turquoise have been used to give the dining room a lovely feel and to add a pop of color. It’s a very nice combination. Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand so the transition is very smooth. Overall, the chalet has an eclectic look, a modern touch and a very nice feel with the stairs and the overall interior design.

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