Shades If Blue: Color For Peace

When you paint a room with blue walls, you create a great atmosphere. Most likely, this means the room is decorated with something bright and modern and that the décor is simple and mostly predominant in colors such as white, gray, pastels and so on. You can’t say that the décor of that particular room is purely modern. There is also a strong contrast between the textures of the walls, floor and furniture and the shades of blue that are used for the furniture look great with blue walls.

But the color blue can also be a powerful color so if you feel like for example you want to be one bit alien after spending so much time in the bedroom, paint your walls with a strong blue color and let it be the main element that defines your style. The beauty of blue walls in the kitchen is that it can basically blend in if the décor is simple and neutral-surrounding.

You can also use it for other rooms as well, like the bathroom for example. In these cases it’s nice to know that the furniture is minimalistic and also features intricate details, just what a bedroom needs to feel cozy and inviting. To reinforce this idea, paint the walls blue. This way you’ll create a relaxing, calming and chic décor and every other room will already be charmed with such a lovely color.{picture from here}.

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