Maxx Shower Enclosure Made From 2 Shipping Crates

If you’re struggling to find yourself with a bathtub but not with much space to spare, we have a solution: a modular shower enclosure made from two shipping crates. They’re great and cheap storage and very versatile and you can take them with you from room to room and even update the floor of the bathroom.

We’ll start with two containers, one of which is a storage unit for bathrobes, another one for shower lids and obviously also as a bathtub itself. This section is meant to be a starting point for a complete spatial overhaul, much like the shower unit that you see in the picture. As far as the rest of the enclosure goes, things are simple and fresh, much like the wood finish featured here in the context of the entire cabin.

Maxx Shower Enclosure Made From 2 Shipping Crates Photo 2

In preparation for the rough renovation, the architects used a budget of €80,000. It wasered with sandpaper and striped tiles and the walls have a light natural finish. This technique was a great way to avoid the need to replaced the entire walls and to gain a privilege suite on a small budget.

Maxx Shower Enclosure Made From 2 Shipping Crates Photo 3

The bathroom is situated on the ground floor and faces the lake, views of the valley and and the forest, all great in more modern and friendly surroundings.

The open bathroom concept covers the floor plan and even the shower wall is covered with a wallpaper that hides a double sink faucet and integrated lighting.

Maxx Shower Enclosure Made From 2 Shipping Crates Photo 5

The use of simple and clean materials such as white marble, wood, and wood give the bathroom a very clean and minimalist look. The mirror and the glass ceiling reflect the light which, together with the earthy colors create a relaxing and inviting ambiance here.

A long wall separates the shower and the bathroom. The shower wall was designed in frosted glass with the look original and not exposed and the black holders and accessories are makers with which the space flows naturally.

A concrete slab was built to form the frame for the asymmetrical suspended design. Various joints within the slab allow the staircase to spiral around the corner and to cantilever off the edge of the concrete slab.

At the top of the stairwell a mezzanine with a built-in desk and open shelving features Multifaceted flatness that looks spectacular can be used as a vertical structure to separate the bedroom from the hallway.

As functional as the staircase is, it’s the amazing set of tub and sink built into the foundation that was designed to double as a sculpture charger for the mezzanine and stand up bath vanity.

It was amazing to see how far the mezzanine had been cut down to create the mezzanine above. Beautiful.

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