Jetted Soaking Tubs

Bathrooms are supposed to be the most comfortable rooms, the one from where you can enjoy water, relax and forget about all your worries. However, not everyone has the space and resources for this kind of room. For some of us, regardless of the size or type of bathroom, we need the room to be warm, inviting and welcoming. Let’s take a look at some interesting and original ideas for hot tubs that can inspire us.

This one looks so comfortable you’d be tempted to try it on your own. It was actually designed to be shared by two persons, just for soaking. It has a raised back so it can also be used as a towel rack. It sits on reclaimed wood floors and is made of heavygrade laminated wood.{found on curbly}.

But there are also other styles and designs you can choose from. For example, this tub looks good, like a sculpture, especially if it only has a shade of brown. It’s very relaxing and calming.Available on site.

Jetted Soaking Tubs Photo 3

One can turn the bathroom into a hot tub and, if you don’t want to do this, you can make it yourself. Ombre glass is a nice way of making the most out of the space. Also, you can paint the floor or the tub a nice, light color that would match the room.{found on curbly}.

Here’s another lovely idea: a shower curtain that can transform a bath into a hot tub. The idea is to spray the curtain using vinegar and an electric brush as usual. It’s a very ingenious and simple project that will show you how to turn a bath into a hot tub in just a few minutes.

You can also turn a shower into a hot tub if you attach brackets under it. The idea is to install a shelf that connects to the exterior tub surround and also the area is painted blue in order to turn it into a freestanding feature.{found on garagerelove}.

A single rack underneath the bathtub can be very useful if the tub is adjacent to a lounge space that can be used for storage or for all sorts of other activities. You can attach the brackets to the side of the tub and then just run the whole tub above the floor into the large deck.{found on hisugarplum}.

If you have a large enough bathroom you can build one half of a ladder for the toilet. You just have to mount it onto a wall. Make sure the ladder securely fits in the space and the ladder will fit perfectly.{found on artpolid}.

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