Japan Style Home By Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Japanese design practice Shinichi Ogawa & Associates has completed the Jirasu Hyattitude Patio.

This 2,368 square foot, two story, contemporary home is located in Hyojin in Tochigi, Tochida, Japan.

Jirasu Hyattitude Patio by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates:

“This is a place for a young couple and their two children living in the city of Hyojin in the south of Tokyo. The site is surrounded with thick trees and dense vegetation, and the direction of the sunlight continues to open the house to the landscape through large openings in the woods west of the site.

The clients are a fashion/antler and a fashion/utility worker, and they require full-time work, house full of friends and relatives, and a small child.

The clients wished for a home office, nursery, library, kitchen, and a Japanese room for their son’s bedroom/study room.It is an open space of seven rooms around a Japanese-style wood deck.

Two Japanese-style comfortable sofas with cushy seats are complemented by a rectangular area rug and a flowery pendant light. A small wooden-covered island serves as a bar for the client’s son, adding more area to the area of the living space.To protect privacy, the living room has no exterior wall.

It is stocked with lightly decorated “space elements” such as storage, closets, bookshelves, a television, two recessed bookshelves, two symmetrically placed paintings, and a Buddha.A small-scale flower wall inspired the “prisms” of the Japanese space.In the “white space”, various textures different, depth and perspective are represented, as well as various scales and directionality. Lights are incorporated in different ways, placing at a variety of heights and perforations in the space.Simple bookshelves are placed on the wall and various places for the various objects are also confirmed. Books, candles, pictures frames, even a bowl are spread around the space.

Although it is not necessary to lighten the place, the sunlight and ambience make it comfortable for the inhabitants to live with nature and its whiteness.”

Photos by: Takumi Ota

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