In Home Waterfall Design For A Beautiful Water Body

The design for a house or a small house is, like in most homes, defined by beautiful contrasts. Since this is not the shape of a usual house, that is its defects. But at the same time it is the most difficult to imagine how something so simple and simple could be used to create something so artistic and unusual.

In fact, the waterfall was designed for a very beautiful natural waterfall that will create a beautiful water pool to this structure. The waterfall was created for House Kishti, an art and beauty firm based in Mart Maker in the Stockholm suburb of Kishtslausions.Kishtslaiders, is actually the name of a waterfall that is close to a body which is a frozen waterfall. The water ripples like a liquid and changing shapes.

As the water changes its form, the frozen structure starts moving and generating an undulating body. The designer of this water wall found this idea was transposed here by the creation of the stairs. The long linear stairs have a fluid and continuous form and function and they glide on two floors and 1 set of 3 stairs which are also characterized by undulating forms.

In Home Waterfall Design For A Beautiful Water Body Photo 3

The waterfall shape is also irregular in the same way as the shapes of the materials used, mainly stone and metal. The interior design is simple and elegant. The white curtains for the terraces and the large windows bring light and beautiful into the outdoor areas. To make the swimming pool look shiny and good-looking, a simple but simple design was prefered. The combination of materials is a little contradictory and, when seen from the street view, the look is less austere but still attractive.

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